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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Tips

All Station Employment Units (SEU's) with more than 5 full-time employees must demonstrate compliance with the EEO outreach requirements.

1. SEU must broadly disseminate information on full-time job openings except in certain circumstances.  ("Wide Dissemination")

2.  SEU must send notices of full-time vacancies to recruitment organizations that request notices.

3. SEU must participate in a specified number of various outreach initiatives, such as job fairs, speaking dates, etc. ("Supplemental Efforts")

Note:  Supplemental efforts must be conducted even if the SEU had no job vacancies, to inform people of the types of jobs available, training and the qualifications needed for jobs, and how people can find out about and apply for openings.



Radio Engineering Services
Kinney Broadcasting provides Radio Engineering Services and Consultation to keep your station(s) legal, compliant, on the air, and sounding great!  Reliable operation of your station is ensured by our methods, training, knowledge, and attention to detail.  We can help save you from thousands of dollars in lost revenue, as well as costly FCC fines & legal expenses!
  • Facility Consolidation & Project Planning, Management, and Implementation
  • Studio Renovations and Updates
  • Engineering Staff Assistance and Oversight
  • FCC Alternative Inspection Preparedness
  • Transmitter Site and Tower Maintenance and Inspection
  • Studio to Transmitter Links (STL)
  • Satellite, Fiber, & Microwave Systems
  • RFR Measurements and Safety
  • Equipment Purchase Consultation and Implementation
  • Studio Equipment Maintenance and Inspection
  • Digital Playout & Automation Systems
  • Disaster & Emergency Preparedness and Training
  • Public File Maintenance and Oversight
  • Personal People Meter (PPM) Integration
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) Compliance
  • HD Radio Integration
  • AM NRSC Emission Measurements
  • Chief Operator Training and Oversight
  • Due Diligence Inspections



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